Sensei Joseph Jones

2nd Dan – Okinawan Shorinryu Karatedo
Assistant Instructor

Sensei Joseph Jones started taking karate at the age of nine and became a member of Jeff Bateman’s School of Karate on April 20, 1999. Through the years, he has attended many competitions including the Junior Olympics, the Commonwealth State Games, and the AAU Nationals. He has won many awards in kata, weapons and kumite.

In October of 2003, Joseph traveled to Japan with Kyoshi Jeff Bateman. He was there for two weeks and found the Japanese life style to be very different but fun. He would go shopping on the streets of Japan everyday. He also had the opportunity to go to the islands and train on the beach or in the ocean.

Throughout Joseph’s karate career, his number one goal was to achieve a Black Belt. In August of 2004, Master Tadashi Yamashita tested him for his Shodan along with Sensei Jeremy Hall, who tested for his Nidan. The test was about four hours of hard training with katas and complexes. No mistakes could be made. By the end of the day, Joseph had accomplished his goal and was promoted to 1st Dan. On August 26, 2006, Master Yamashita promoted Joseph to Nidan.

Sensei Joseph is a student at Lakeland High School in Suffolk Virginia. In his free time he likes to hang around and goof off with his friends while riding go-carts, dirt bikes and four wheelers.