Sensei Diana Jones

1st Dan – Okinawan Shorinryu Karatedo
Assistant Instructor

Sensei Diana Jones started her karate career at Jeff Bateman’s School of Karate as a parent with two boys taking part in the parent participation classes held monthly at the school. After a year, she decided to take advantage of a summer tuition special and became an official member of the dojo on May 24, 2000. She competed in her first tournament in Roanoke, Virginia, in July of 2000, receiving first place in Sparring (fighting) and second place in Kata (forms). Since then, she has won many State Championships, local tournaments, and dojo awards including supportive student, most supportive parent and most class attendance.

Diana tested for her Shodan on December 17, 2004 in front of six Black Belts including Kyoshi Jeff Bateman. She refers to it as the “ultimate test” because it pushed her beyond her limits and resembled nothing that she had done before. On December 18th at the annual Christmas banquet, she received her Black Belt Certificate and her son, Sensei Joseph Jones, surprised her with a Black Belt from Okinawa, Japan.

Outside of karate, Diana works in the Suffolk Public School System as a Teacher Assistant for Special Education children with severe disabilities. She is married with two sons and enjoys getting together with her karate family to just have fun.